We Open Your Door


I gotta tell you this:

After my husband died, I did all the right stuff.

But I crashed anyway.

Being all alone isn’t the same for everyone.

Some of us melt from being alone into stone-cold isolation.
I’m just realizing, in spite of how well I am,
that I’ve done it again!

All my hanging-out friends have died over the last seven years.
Even with other people in my life,
I feel alone,
and I somehow just put on the same isolation
like a familiar old shirt.
But I don’t like how it feels.

I’m wondering if you can relate to this.

When you have no choice but to be alone,
long-term isolation can herald grave danger.

What used to be days that “flew by” are now “molasses.”
Old self-destructive patterns can still be unconsciously in play.

Suicide often seems the only option.

  • It is estimated that in the U.S. a person successfully commits suicide every 16 minutes and attempts are made once every minute.
  • In the senior population, age 65 and above, suicide happens approximately every 80 minutes
  • These are alarming numbers of deaths in the elderly population. Most everyone has relatives or friends who are 65 plus years of age.




You are not a helpless victim.

You are the Infinite Source of Life in person.
The person that is You.

By simply being alive, you are Higher Powered.

If you don’t see any hope right now, it could really help to 


with someone who has walked in similar shoes.

I may be that person.

I woke up with a song I instantly wrote, several years ago.

Was it about you?


even in a crowd, a family, a community, a grocery store, a nursing care facility, a rehab center, assisted living…or

older, sick and home all alone with no family or friends…



“We Open Your Door”

©DianeLemon, Music and Lyrics, 11/21/2013,  All Rights Reserved
Di Lemon, Keyboard,  Di and Marge Hendon, Vocals

We your brothers and sisters open your door, the door to your heart, the door  to your mind.

We your brothers and sisters open your door, the door to your heart,  the door to your mind.

Breathe on us your Divinity.

Breathe on us your Divinity.

Breathe on us from your stillness.

Breathe on us your Divinity, your God within!

We open your door.

We open your door.

We are open …   to you!

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