Waking Up Prayer

Would you like a 3-minute Prayer for starting your day whole?
I don’t get out of bed without doing this first!

Check out this audio and enjoy the transcript of it below. I’d love to hear your effective way of greeting each morning with enthusiasm and a happiness that won’t cave in. Leave a comment!


WAKING UP PRAYER ©Di Lemon, released  3-28-14 (all rights reserved.)

Good morning my Creator.

Before I open my eyes to worry or doubt, I place myself into the WHOLENESS of You.1

Hold me close to your heart,
that I may wake up like a child secure in my mother’s arms,
not feeling separate or alone.

I’m RECEIVING your unconditional Love…
I know You are MY Wholeness…
and we’re always in this Sacred Communion…
speaking heart to heart…

Ahh, Yes. I am from You… I hear You…
You see Your Divine Self in me…
You love me just the way I am…

Thank you so much!  I’m ready for this new day.

All is well.
You know how to do everything…
I only need to be Your Channel2

I know  I’m the face of You that others see…
but I go into this day seeing You as the face of Me!

In You, I step forward at my Highest Frequency!
I cannot fail!

Help me walk every step in the Peace of this Inner Knowing…
so when I lie down, I’ll know I have walked worthily3

My Highest Self, I LOVE You! I LOVE You!
You are my Wholeness!

You are my All!

My heart is filled with love, and wonders happen as I pray4!
Thank you.  Thank you.. Thank you for this new day!”

GIVING CREDIT where it’s due:
*Inspired by 4 people  , 1 Barbara Marx Hubbard (Meditations from The Inner Source – asking “God-Self to hold me before getting up), 2Rev Deborah Johnson (Your Deepest Intent: “I only need to be your channel), 3Bear heart (The Wind Is My Mother.. “walk worthily”) and 4Dr Joseph Murphy (The Power Within-“My soul is filled with love and wonders happen as I pray.”)


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Deep Peace! 



Waking Up Prayer — 4 Comments

  1. Di, Thank you for this wonderful prayer. I usually thank God for all that He has given me and mine, especially the peacefulness of being secure in His loving care. I thank Him for the angels and saints whom He has sent to help me on my journey. I pray that I will use this day to the best of my ability to achieve a good end in His name, that I am able to be a positive influence on at least one life this day. After all, with God’s help, anything is possible.

  2. Understanding that God and myself are one brings me courage to step out into my life knowing I am protected. Thank you for this prayer.

  3. I usually thank God for the gift of another day living in this world as me. I usually ask for divine guidance to think, to act, and to teach according to the divine path that I am on. I ask for caring and compassion as I work with the children who are in need that I may share a small gift of myself and divinity that will help them to manifest their own parts on their own individual journeys.

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