Through Menopause to Magnificence

Hey, I’m so excited to share with you that I’ll be speaking on my dear friend Marion Elliot’s telesummit, and it’s an amazing opportunity for you!

We’re unveiling the first ever Women’s Third Age Transformation Summit, a global gathering of women who are creating a NEW MODEL of Aging and Saging – one that you may not even know about.

If you’re feeling as though our life after fifty is irrelevant, dried up, or boring, you’ll really want to come experience this new hope for your next fifteen (or fifty?) years.

This telesummit features 24 of the world’s top leaders in fulfilled living after fifty (including yours truly) and we will reveal the secrets to:

Creating the world you envisioned in your youth
Moving through Menopause into your Magnificence
Building health, strength and glorious longevity
Forging a new path for the next twenty-five years
Creating a legacy for your world
Conquering fear & self-doubt as you move into Majesty
Remembering the gift that you are in the world
Leading as women in the third age

When you register today, you’ll get access to the speaker schedule and topics, including my interview with Marion! Take advantage of great information, helpful free gifts, and getting real about what life can offer for our generation!

I invite you to take this step now, not only for yourself – but for the world that is calling you into your power and magnificence as a brilliant, mature, experienced, wise woman with much to offer.

To listen, click here

Come, women of the world, we are in a major time of good change!

Peace and Light!

Di Lemon

P.S. This event is going to fill up quickly, so I encourage you to grab your spot now:

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