St Joseph Protect Us

My Fellow Travelers,

This song was given to me as an                Saint Joseph of the Forest
intuitive download on Jan 28th, 2008, while I was walking outside, enjoying the beauty of my yard and the beautiful weather.

As soon as it “hit me” I quickly grabbed a sharpie, the nearest writing tool, and a stack of old newspapers in the shed, ready for recycling, and scribbled out the wholesong, words and music, as fast as my hand
would write!

I was amazed at the perfection of the words, when done, and the simplicity of the tune.
My parish, St Joseph of the Forest in Silver Springs, FL immediately loved it and found it easy to sing.
We christened it as our Parish song.

I purposely did not copyright this, because it was a gift to me and I wanted to make it a gift to the whole
world.  This means you may use it, share it, make as many copies of it as you like, keeping my name on it as composer, and enjoy this connection with St Joseph any time of the year.


This beautiful statue was carved by Ray Adams of Silver Springs, FL,
out of a block of cement,  using a chain saw!
It graces the entrance of St Joseph of the Forest Catholic Church

17301 East Hwy 40, Silver Springs, Fl 34488


St. Joseph Protect Us
Sung by Di Lemon sharing it for the first time with the parishioners

Composed by St Joseph through Di Lemon on 1/28/2008 – a gift to the world.

Here’s the music: notes and chords. Free to use and copy. Enjoy


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