My Heaped-up Heart

Of all 2014 events, one stands out infinitely more than the rest:
My communication with my departed Beloved Terry through the
mediumship of Jeannette Hill.

This year, I spoke with the Love of my Life,
who died in 2008!

It changed me forever, at my deepest core!

Check out my video about it here:


I have a daily “calendar”* of meaningful quotes.
Yesterday’s was really about her:

“I love you for putting your hand into
my heaped-up heart,
and passing over all the foolish and frivolous and weak things,
and for drawing out into the light
all the beautiful, radiant belongings that no one else
had looked quite far enough to find.”
– Jeneanne Sieck:  “Just for You” from  Elegant Editions

My sweet Terry confirmed that she sees all I am doing and is with me all the time, helping me “in all ways, always.”

I always wondered why she opened her eyes really big the moment I reassured her we’d “BE together” if it was her time to die.  She told me this:

“My eyes got big because I was seeing God, Di,
I was seeing God!”

Peek thru my PatioThat was the moment she went “home.”
While I was with her.
It’s all I ever really wanted to know.


I’m wondering how many of you have had such an incredible experience.

Can you imagine how that might feel?

If you are interested in connecting with your loved one in the non-physical,
here’s my recommendation for a medium I know you can trust:

Jeannette Hill
Intuitive, Medium & Soul Coach


Contact link:
Do you want to chat?
Click the rose to arrange it.


Or email me at:

Deep Peace to you,

Di Lemon

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