Mirror, Mirror: Who am I?

You may achieve a love and reverence for yourself like never before!

Here is a Gift of Mirror-Work for you. It originated in my channeled writings and is meant to be shared freely.

Enjoying the 3-5 minute videos first, activates your creativity and relaxes
you so you can engage your own intuition when you follow with the
corresponding Mirror-Acknowledgment.  You don’t have to think about
how this works. The easier it feels doing it, the deeper the results.

  • You are led to coordinate various aspects of yourself, your breath,
    seeing yourself in your mirror, coming fully into presence with the
    depths of yourself, and opening your view of who you
    are as a Spiritual Being in human form.
  • Each Mirror-Acknowledgment builds on the day before to activate a cellular recognition of who you are as a whole.
  • Doing the 1-minute mirror-work several times a day recalibrates  body,
    mind and soul to transform your understanding of all aspects of your identity.


I recommend doing the entire12 days of Videos and Mirror-Work.

After that, you may wish to do another round of just the Mirror-work.  Those statements may come to mind during the day, as “self-talk.”  When that happens, you know you are on the way to manifesting your own “well of Joy” that cannot be destroyed.

Life LIKES to live.. even in your sorrowful mysteries.

Mirror-Work instructions:
Look into your mirror, breathe deeply,  and come Fully Present to that which is, for you, the Source of All Creation,  looking back at you from the depths of your eyes, completing the circle of your human and divine Beingness.

For excellent results, repeat the 1-minute Mirror Acknowledgement 6 times throughout the day.


Day 1

Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-1-pdf-xmas-in-july-journal/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

You birthed me!  And my parents before me.
So I’ve got YOUR Divine DNA!
Wow!  I came from something AWESOME!



Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/072114-day-2-pdf-love-came-down/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

When I was born, people could have said:
“Look!  This is the Divine Itself, in Human form.”
And they would have kissed me gently, with great Reverence.


Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-3-you-are-my-song/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

And they named that tiny Divine Human (your name)
I’m ALL that YOU are!
Little ol’ me….



Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-4-not-pins-on-a-map/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

And ALL that YOU are is WHO I AM!



Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/polished-personified/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

Everything I’m doing
is the Flow of “You-ing!”


Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-6-birthing-me/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

I don’t need to know how.
I just need to realize that someone will experience MY “seeing”
as YOUR Look of Love today.



Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-7-out-of-chaos/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

Will the work of my hands have
the Power of YOUR Healing Touch today?
I’m excited how others might feel!



Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-8-both-sides-now/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

My Highest Essence!
YOU are Who has lived as me through all my pain!
You’re my Wholeness. The Vastness of You!
That’s Who I Am!



Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-9-this-cards-for-you/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

You’re the Flow of Who we all are.
Even those I don’t like. They just don’t know it yet.
No matter how they look at me, don’t worry,
I’ll recognize You happily seeing Yourself as me!
We’ve got this.


DAY 10

Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-10-goodbye-july/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

How wonderfully I am made!


DAY 11

Video link: https://bloominganewyou.com/day-11-presents-presence/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

The Energy I give off is Your Incredible Eternal Peace.
That will stay active, even after I move into the next moment!


DAY 12

Video link:  https://bloominganewyou.com/day-12-youre-the-light/

Mirror Acknowledgment:

I am a Candle whose Flame cannot be blown out.
I’m gonna let my Light shine!


Iris What discovering

Your true nature not only seems like a Gift.
It’s the best Gift you can give yourself and your loved ones!

You are the realized Dream. When you “get” that, you’ve got it forever.


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Peace and Enlightenment!

Di Lemon



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