MEMORIAL DAY-In Memory of You!

MAY 30, 2016

My heart soars into the Vast Ground of Being,
into the Wellbeing of our Unconditioned ConsciousnesO Light! You call me to a certain Heights,
the Whole-i-ness of our Shared Life,
Which is Unconditional Love!

Would that we each and all can know and say: 
“All that You Are, Beloved Love, is who I am.
 And so nothing is impossible. 
I am more powerful and capable than meets the human eye!
I step into my Magnificence on this Day of Remembering…

All the Unsung Heroes….
All who have fallen in Service to the Good of All.

Who might you be?

How have you laid down your life for a friend? 
There is no greater Love.

Have you made a mistake by loving someone?
It is better to Err on the side of Love than Hate… or Suspicion… or Judgement… or Blame… or Feeling too hurt to forgive…
For You Are Love Personified….
A Divine Presence in human form…
And you have Eternal Eyes, Ears, Hands and Feet that leave the Imprint of 
Unconditional Love that lingers as a fragrance that permeates 
hardened minds and walled in hearts.

How many people do you know who are like scared animals,
on high alert… watching for the next blow?

Are you that?

Become the MistIn the Flowing Mist of Universe, I hear you, my fellow traveler!
I see you and my heart holds you. 
Hang on!  Be steadfast.
Angels and Archangels surround you, love you, and protect you.
Your Creator, Who is Bigger than All, 
is your Source, your Origin, from Whom you came into form,
and You Are that Universal, All Knowing, Unconditional Loving Spirit in person.

That is who is living your life right now.
That is Who is living your troubled waters right now, and 
Who knows how to navigate them and bring you to safe Haven.

Hang your hat of trial on the hook within your heart… 
for that is where your real Home is. 
Then your Heart will not feel Homeless.

 From that Glowing Hearth, all you need is coming into being….
For all you need is the Wholeness of Your Being…
Which is no less than That which is the Beingness of All.

In Memory of You… Co-Creators who are laying your life down 
for the creation of a newly evolving Global Culture of Unity, Love, Peace, Cooperation  and finding ways that work for all without any resulting inequities!


Peace within!  Kitten on back

May you know your own Joy of Being today! 

Di Lemon

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