It’s OVER. And I cried.

All the work of Fire Recovery is DONE.

Saturday, 9/24/16: My Paradise was damaged by a bad Fire.    

Thursday, 2/2/17: My Paradise is finally restored.

When I saw the last of the work was done, after 4 months….

I breathed a big sigh of relief,                               
then a gush of gratitude tears!

My builder gave me a hug.

That made it real.

Oh, no. Not a bit. (heh-heh)


To everyone who helped me, please feel my deep gratitude!
You not only restored my home,
you gently placed my home back into my heart.

I hope these photos show you how you brought
your fellow traveler
from slipping into hopelessness
to the INDESCRIBABLE JOY of a recovery
I could never have accomplished
without your love!

From the beginning ………………………………………… the Good Ending!




I had invited my friend, Jane, to share my home, promising a peaceful place for as long as she wanted. (Yeah, right).  She’s been a real trooper through it all.

I especially thank her for being an understanding, loving friend through my every mood, decision, lack of decision, rolling with the highs and lows, bearing up VERY patiently with over 4 months of living, eating, working out of her bed, as I did the same out of my old blue chair, not having a kitchen sink until after Thanksgiving, yet cooking a duck in our new oven on Thanksgiving Day. (yum!)

……………Jane, you are a Goddess!


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

“Before and after” photos…

…seem to walk through the recovery path enough to give you a picture of the good you helped create, whether you helped clear the initial debris the day and week of the fire, gave us lodging or use of your laundry, unloaded materials, donated money,  sent up prayers, held good energy in your heart, or spoke a kind word. Even if you took a load of trash, you took some weight off my heart.

I can’t find words for what hope I felt when everyone in the neighborhood saw flames to the sky and rushed over to see how they could help, to love, to care.

I was utterly amazed by the devotion and expertise of those who did the extensive flooring, electrical, gas and building work!  In your care, I knew I was safe and secure in the Hands of the Master Builder.

I also deeply appreciate the businesses who treated me so fairly and are devoted to sustainability and products safe for people and planet. I’m so glad my research for non-toxic materials led me to you!

You all lifted me up and held me in a Sacred Communion of strength to carry on and miraculously know each next step to take.

I share these photos with heartfelt gratitude.


Photo Journey

Inside:  Replace Flooring in Kitchen and Living Room, Fix Kitchen, ceiling, walls, door and window, Replace damaged Cabinets & Appliances, Repair Electrical, Plumbing.



Bamboo Acclimatizing

               Start Flooring                Ahhhh…WOW!


Where to put everything while the work’s being done?  (for 4 months!)

Not too bad … yet….






It gets worse….(lol)        

But the journey takes a beautiful turn….



Hard to believe the transformation!


Living Room





Here’s Simon, the cat who almost didn’t escape the fire!  He loves sitting on every new spot he sees!



Outside:  Repair Roofing, Siding, Replace Shed and Laundry Appliances



New Shed, then roof and siding.

(I climbed that ladder and helped put
up the first beam!)

                                                                        My new laundry!   Sweet!


.                                                                                                             …..              It came CLOSE.                                                 .HOME AT LAST.

The two sheds were just outside the Kitchen door.
My battery charger in one shed is what started the fire.

The sheds burned to the ground, and enough damage was done in the house that it has taken all this time to recover. It’s a miracle the whole place didn’t go up in flames in minutes!

I couldn’t get insurance on this place after the two hurricanes hit in 2004, so had to use my savings. I’m so grateful to all who helped with donations that made it possible to get it all done. I could not have done it without you.


To all our Fellow Travelers:

God’s Loving Heart is truly who you are.  You have touched our hearts with Divine Love and restored not only our home but the Spirit of Joy in its walls.

With every bite we cook, every load of laundry, every move we make in our beautiful Living Space, Jane and I feel the Divine Helping Hand of God’s Family!

Your love is the Breath of God we breath in our new Paradise.
You might not think you did a lot, but you can trust the Infinite Reach
of your Pure Wholeness!

With every breath, Jane and I say thank you!

Deep Peace to you!
Di Lemon and Jane





It’s OVER. And I cried. — 10 Comments

  1. Oh wow! This is so good to see, specially all the photos. What a huge journey it’s been and what a wonderful way to mark its ending. May you be able to just sit and relax now, in profound peace and communion, and joyful acknowledgement of all you’ve achieved Di. And I know it’s been a joint effort with many helping. Much love, thank you for sending us this xxx

    • Your words always touch me with so much love and acceptance and all kinds of acknowledgements, Ali! You know the way to my smile! Yes.. of course tons of work remain to get the other rooms livable again, cleared of what’s been stacked up to be out of the way… but I CAN sit and relax in profound peace and communion… what a beautiful phrase! And I DO acknowledge what I’ve achieved, because doing “my” part required knowing the bigger “who” that is me and that I am. And it’s been a 4 month retreat to practice knowing that every minute of every day. Far better than sitting in the Himalayas, lol! It’s all been good for me, a real growth period. I’m happy you liked the photos. I had FUN doing this post… it’s what I want to do. xoxo

  2. Di,
    During the many years that we have been friends, you have always been an inspiration to me! Never lose that beautiful smile.

  3. Di Lemon…BRAVA, BRAVISSIMA..!
    You are my shining example of faith and resilience.
    We all get overwhelmed by projects that feel far too huge, but you have demonstrated not only the power to persevere in the face of countless steps and daunting mess, but even more inspiring the capacity to find Joy in the midst of it all. I am grateful to be your friend.
    With Love & Blessing to both you and Jane..!

    • Wow, thank you, my beautiful Barclay! You sure know how to make my heart fly with pride and joy! I’ll queue Jane to check out these comments! Thanks for including her!
      Love and affection,

  4. I am so happy to see your beautiful home Di. It is open and airy with beautiful features, just like you!! It really is true that it takes a village to create new dreams.
    Enjoy your amazing space. You have been reborn!!

    • Yes, you are so right, Nancy! Reborn! I do feel like a newbie in a strange, new world! But a nice world. You should see the photos of my “clutter clearing event” that happened some time before the fire! I SO glad I got that done when I did! I love the airy, spacious feeling. This is a 37 year old mobile home, but the work done makes it seem like a new home and I feel like a rich lady!

  5. Oh my beautiful Di. As usual you write so eloquently. The after pictures are beautiful. I’m so happy God provided everything and everyone you needed to get it done.
    Bless you and Jane and the cats for many happy, safe, peaceful and joy filled years in your beautiful “new” home.
    Sending all my love and big hugs


    • O my goodness, Vivi! LOTS of hugs and hearts full of your love… I feel it! Thank you! Yes, it was truly a Divinely Guided event all the way through. I’ll call out to Jane to check out your comment, so nice to mention her. Now I will have some better time for us to chat, no?
      Sending huge love and hugs for you, too,
      and wishing you well!

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