I Hear Your Tears

About ten years ago, I literally popped up out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night, stumbled over to a pile of old newspapers ready for the dump and scribbled staves and music notes and words as fast as I could to transport this song from my soul to tearful faces I was seeing in the dark silence. 

I was crying the whole time..  And most of the night afterward.

Maybe yours was one of those faces I saw.  If it was, you should know my heart was filled with love for you in that night.  I’m doing this now so you, or whoever may be looking for me, can find me.  If you are seeking me… my friend, I will let you find me.

“I Hear You Callin” by Di Lemon. (All Rights Reserved)
                                            Artist: Marge Hendon Genre: Universal.


I hear you callin’ in the circle of the Spirit,
I hear your tears in the silence of your pain.
I see your face in the love where we walk as one.
Oh, my friend in God!  I hear your pain.

I feel your broken heart, in your darkness.
I will not abandon you!
All your pain and sorrow cannot be in vain! 


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I Hear Your Tears — 2 Comments

    • Yes, you are, Jane. The same Source Energy that unites us in Sacred Communion has always been seeing and hearing you and me… and is at work! You are never alone or without hope.

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