House fire ~ No Joy Support calls this year

My Beloved Fellow Traveler! 
This would have been the Fourth Annual Joy Support offering for anyone experiencing Grief of any kind during the holiday months, November through January, 2016-2017.
But Old Friend Fate had a different idea:
I am so sorry to tell you that I have had a fire that resulted in a lot of damage, and the repairs and tasks surrounding the event are taking all of my energy to navigate.
Because of this, I am unable to host the Joy Support calls this year.
Please watch for more from me after the first of the year.
Thank you so much for your understanding!
~❤️💔💖 ~
Know that my heart holds you in your struggles, even if my presence is called elsewhere at this time.
~❤️💔💖 ~
Feel free to browse my website at your liesure.  My home page shows the Menus:
My wish for you is to experience your own Joy of Being. It’s the One Joyful Being I know as our Shared Life!

Peace and Love,

Di Lemon


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