Give Grief A Chance

It’s true!

I woke up with a Thud the morning after our first course of Joy Support at the Virtual Festive Table on Nov 13th.

Are you are feeling strange goings on, thoughts and feelings surfacing?  If so, good for you!

You are doing your inner work! 

See, this is something that happens because we entered a sacred space which is a state of heightened listening to our Highest Self. Communication happens on a quantum level within us, and between us!

Your transformation is in process. Help it along.

Here’s one way to help it along: I invite you to ask yourself a question: “What sound did my grief shawl make when it hit the floor?”

And I further invite you to be still and WAIT for the answer to form.  Listen for it in your body and GO THERE. We are human embodiments of the Divine, but the key word here is “human” and it may be that we got up and brushed ourselves off and went forward into our lives from the grief moment without giving Grief a chance to play itself out naturally.. in our humanness as well as our emotional, spiritual, psychological beingness.

Our Divinity is our Life flow and what is stuck in our throat like a sodden rag may be damming up that life flow.  That may be why creative people experience an increase in creativity after a season of deep grief and depression.

Let it play out: Give Grief a Chance.

I’m just saying.

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Talk to me.

I will listen.

When you hear your voice, something… angels? … will turn your voice from stone into sound again. Live sound. Alive and vibrant, fresh, human sound. Like a bud that was a fossil became soft and fresh with life again and opened up into a blooming flower.

I invite you to keep a journal for what spills out, what surfaces.  To check in with your body’s dead parts and see what is coming to life again.

Reach for life in your human beingness.

I wonder what you are feeling .. how you slept.

It’s good to give Grief a chance.

I’m just saying.


So are you wondering what I meant by “I woke up with a thud?”  Maybe you guessed it was the sound my own grief shawl made.  I got right up and did what I invited you to do… I asked.. and listened to my BODY … and journaled  it as it poured out.  My own grey, stone-cold isolation poured out, first onto paper, then in how the bleak grey feels in my body, and finally in tears. Wetness. Life.

I felt a shift happen… to wanting to let my locked-up self be found and picked up and hugged. All because I asked what sound did my shawl make?

A thick, grey, very solid, very sodden “thud.”  Then, silence.

In between the thud and the silence came the hearse that carried my loved one away forever. I went there again and gave grief a chance.


I’m just saying.

Whow. (Whew + Wow = Whow.)

I am not alone.

What do you say?  Are you?  Alone?

Here’s where we can talk…


New group page just for you!

Festive Table4

I’ve created a Facebook Group called “Joy Support for Grieving Hearts.”  A “secret” group, open only to members. Members are subscribers to the Joy Support For Grieving Hearts program, who signed up through the official signup link. you can enter and post your thoughts there. Pour out your heart there. Give Grief a chance there.

So please, check out YOUR new private Facebook Group page, and anytime you feel like it, march right in. The door is open if you’ve signed up.

Link to your private Facebook Group Page:



Thank you, each one, for being there, for speaking up, for sharing your heart, for letting your own grief shawl slide off.

What kind of sound did yours make?

I’d REALLY love to hear all about it.

Hop over to your facebook page and start typing… I’ll respond to your comments as I am able. We can hold each other together there.

Peace and Light and
hope to see you next week.  Bring a friend! There’s always room at this Table.

Give them this link so they can sign up:

May the Light break your darkness,
so you can see where to take the next step!



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