We are each . . . but we are not “other.”

We call you many Names: God, Source, Light, etc, but none seems quite enough.

How can we capture
Unboundaried Glory                      
in the tin can of
limited human language?

You are
the Great Life
of all of us
in Awesome Diversity!

You are the eyes of us all,
seeing You from
innumerable angles of
infinite variety.

Maybe we’re not in opposition at all!


Have You brought us up on the mountain,
not to see ourselves and weep,
but to see the Glorious Blaze of You,
blasting apart our Hearts of Stone,
that we may burst forth from the tomb of our illusion?


Shaken to my very Core,
I reach up to You,

O Endless Love
You are the Wholeness and
the Holiness of my Life.

I Stand up,


I am NOT helpless and alone.
No one is..

We are NOT buried in the tomb of Fear that we will always hate each other.


In the Glorious Light
of the Great Love You are,
I DO see, now,
that there IS Peace on earth,
and it has already begun in me!

Happy, Holy Easter!
(I mean it!)

.I love you like no “other!”

Di Lemon


Each OTHER? — 4 Comments

  1. You truly are a beautiful and loving soul. Thank you for sharing your heart and words of wisdom. I feel blessed to know I share the One Life with you. Happy Easter Di.

    • Wow, thank you, Cindy. I’m just seeing your comment, or I would have replied right away. So glad you liked it. I love the words you use, too, we speak the same language. I’ve heard you speak eloquently from the depths of your heart. I’m glad we are friends.

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