Check out this Facebook post by Renae Morgan and my comment to her awesome post.  If you have the courage, let your evolutionary message be known! The time is now.
Sharing a Facebook post by Renae Morgan Wed Oct 26th 2016
“This is a little out there but I feel I must share it. I have an important message to share with you all. Everyone is being called to step into their ascension. Everyone is being called to honor the purposes they came here to fullfill. Everyone is being called to serve in a much deeper and purposeful way than ever before. Human consciousness is ready to shift. It needs to shift. But we are a bit stuck. Humans have gotten so complacent with things just being the way they are and not changing. Spirit is saying it’s time for things to shift. If you have not already, you will have noticed a yearning to step into a deeper purpose. A calling to stop fooling around and make the long lasting change you have been meaning to make. A need to start making decisions instead of playing on the fence. Spirit isn’t just calling us to ascend into something just for ourselves but for all of humanity. Many of us are here in this time so we can can awaken others to their own purpose. And others are here to guide others on how their purpose is to be used in ways that are in alignment with who the individual is. We are being called to create a deeper, much loving and more peaceful world. We are being called to touch the lives around us. It’s time for us to ascend more than ever because many are awakening after being asleep for so long. And they waking up are lost, they are confused, they are scared, they are afraid. It’s our purpose to help guide them into what will be the greater version of themselves. Gifts are strengthening, and in time maybe not our time but we will come to a point where abilities will transcend everything we think is currently possible. As I was being told we are in a way coming into a period of transition into an Atlantis type community. Where crystals do produce energy, where prophecy is proment, where shamanic journeying is a normal thing, where Astral project is normal. A world where peace is normal, and grass is more common than buildings. This is not the first time I have received such a message but it’s the first time I have been willing to share it. Many lightworkers are being called together so they can help others to come into their gifts. This will mean a shift in how we do business and it’s a good thing. It’s time we start to create communities that thrive on love and spiritual connection. It’s time we work from a place of the highest level is service to each other possible. It’s time we ascend.”
Comment I made to Renae’s post: s
“YES! Ah ho! I thank you, Renae Morgan, for sharing this eloquently and at this critical time. I do see and experience these shifts, and I know we were all born to be here to usher in the “new heaven and new earth” … in our time. And we have all been through trial that has “trued us like gold in the fire.” A necessary “bootcamp” that enables us to see clearly that old paradigm ways of managing life on earth, in this planetary system, have reached the stage of chrysalis, and we are the ones who are conscious of this unprecedented stage of evolution to the next better paradigm level of seeing everything and bringing the new way of being humans who are also divine..(Christ’s one message)… who know we are many faces (perceptions) of the One Shared LIfe … who simply live as One in love, peace, harmony, cooperation, compassion and finding ways to manage life on the planet that work for all, changing into a society not based on currency and the resulting inequities.
We who know this have reached more than a critical mass in numbers, more than enough to help move this current turn of evolution into its next level… we are the cutting edge of a kind of universal human we have never before seen in our history (Carter Phipps, Barbara Marx Hubbard et al). Everything may be feeling more and more strange… and we are finding ourselves doing things we never thought possible for us. And we are welcoming creative technologies for meeting the needs of the earth and it’s inhabitants like never before. We are finding ourselves unable to be “linear”… pulled into the direction of a “knowing” that is not in human language… but the eternal language in which we have always been fluent. It is Creative Life/God/Divine Love/Light that is finally beeing realized by us as who we are… as the life we are living…all knowing, all powerful, all loving Great Peace …our One Shared Life.
Acknowledgements to all Light Workers, to all who realize and are in the great Shift of realizing the truth of who we have always been, are now, and always will be… and Blessings to all as we ascend into our ever-ancient, ever-new Way of Being. Please do not hold back now on declaring your message for it is our message and it is the “First Word” still re-sounding through the ages…we are that “Song” being sung.. an ever-evolving concerto inventing itself as us… we are the Field that connects all beings… so we are finally not seeing anyone or anything as “other.”
We are the human root for Divine Presence to be experienced as each and all of us. When we see ourselves as separate from Divinity, we prevent someone from experiencing the supernatural for which we are the way. Evolving Life/Creator is our Spiritual Root that never sees itself as separate from that which it is always expressing: us! When we see ourselves as separate, we tear ourselves away from our Root and that is living hell.
Peace and Oneness to all creatures great and small. A time of sacred, holy, Communion is what we are now able to appreciate.
Never, ever give up!”

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