Welcome to this Garden of Possibility!

I’m Di Lemon, and I’m wondering: Have you come to a place where your life is not what you ever dreamed it would be?

• Do you ever feel like you no longer have a purpose?”
• Do others think you’re OK but you’re really not?
• Are you afraid you will ALWAYS feel the way you do now?

Believe me, I can relate, because I’ve been there myself, with grief, sickness, abuse, destitution, feeling helpless and hopeless.

But I came out on the other side, and I know how to show
you your path to relief, healing and peace.

The first step on the path is to sign up for
“My Daily Garden,” where I will lead you
on a 7 day journey to experience the power
of your spiritual identity before you enter
into each day.

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Don't spend time
in that despair!
Awaken into your


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This is the step toward the change you are looking for!

  • How would it feel to wake up happy every day?
  • Would you like to be enthused, “on fire” about what you love?
  • Are you being freely, fearlessly you?
  • Is something “calling” you to do some good in the world?


Iris What discoveringWhen you recognize that being eternal is your nature,
you begin to
feel like the Gift you are!
That will put you on your knees in
profound gratitude and self-appreciation.

Having everything you long for is right, real, and totally possible! 

Peace Within,

Di Lemon