“The Universal Plan is for you to spring the trap
that has kept you from honestly feeling the Joy of Living.
Walk with me into the opening and unfolding
waiting for you”.  -Di Lemon

Hello, my Fellow Traveler,
I’m Di Lemon, and I thank you for visiting my “About Page.”
I’ve thought about what would help you know me . . .


To know it’s Universal Love that brings you to me is to know me. .

I sense that I’ve always had a cosmic awareness of you, even before I was born!
If you suspect that coming
to this page is not a
coincidence, you may be
sensing me being aware
of the searching eyes of
your heart.

If you are finding Life unbearable, you may be a
“voice I’ve heard, calling in
the Circle of the Spirit.”

I don’t have to know you to feel your pain in my heart. You don’t have to know me to share it.
You’ve shared it, just by visiting here.

Please don’t underestimate yourself! This could be a step you’re taking onto your healing path.

In fact, years ago, many faces actually woke me abruptly in the
deep of the night with a song I couldn’t help but
write immediately.

Is this about you?    ♬♩    You can listen here:

Copyright © 2015 Diane Lemon. All Rights Reserved.

LYRICS: I hear you callin’ in the Circle of the Spirit
I hear your tears in the silence of your pain.
I see your face in the Love where we walk as one.
Oh, my Friend in God! I hear your pain.

I feel your broken heart in your darkness.
I will not abandon you.
All your pain and sorrow cannot be in vain.



To know I’ve “been there”  is to know I do understand…

If you have secret fear, my Fellow Traveler, I smell it in the air.
I breathe in the vastness of the Life Flow embodied by your Being.

I have walked in your shoes….

BeachFootprints* My own half-century of living with severe damage
from early child abuse and the resulting pain and despair,
has left me highly sensitive to the nature of your distress
.. and empowered me with intuitive insights for you.

 * My own experience of being “trapped” has trained me
….to deeply appreciate the distress my Fellow Travelers
….are enduring
without help or hope.

  * I know better than to judge you, diminish your pain,
or tell you what you should do or
why you are
……feeling that way.

  * The fact that I’ve walked in your shoes
…..means I can shine a light so you can see yourself
…..already standing in your Magnificence.

..For this reason, I’m grateful for my difficult past.
It has blessed me with deep reverence for my suffering sisters and brothers.

 …………….This client’s comment really moved me. It’s how I want you to feel:

“Di hears you and sees you
in her heart’s knowing!

Powerfully, and maybe  for the first time in life,
you are believed
and your pain and anguish,

regardless of the causes, are taken seriously.
I was accepted with utter respect!” –JB


I believe I came in for you!

I know I’m called to be a channel
for Divine Love to heal your broken heart.


To know how I work with you is to know me. . .

There is something unique about my way of facilitating your opening to an
amazing happiness that seems new.

What I offer is “Integrative Support.”  It starts with listening.
When I listen to you, we come fully present to each other in a heightened state
which Is the interlacing of Your Energy and Mine.
In this sacred communion, you come to see that you already are who you want to be. 


The work we do is recognizing
your Divinity.
Iris What discovering


 To know you can actually talk with me is to know me…

How are you feeling right now, my friend?  Are you resonating with any of this?
Are you wondering if I’m someone you could just talk with for a bit?

Well, I AM.  We can connect by phone.  If you feel you’ve done your “inner work,”  but still, there’s an elusive, bleak undercurrent that has never gone away, you may be on the brink of breaking through the mist to get it out into the open where you can see what’s going on.

A phone call could make a difference.

What matters is that you follow your heart, which I believe has been leading you for
probably a long time.


Contact link:
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There’s a moment awaiting you,
that I do know about,
when you will see everything in a way that enables you
to write your story with a completely different pen.

That is the moment your heart is set on fire for Life! Nothing can stand in
your way after that. Nothing thrills me more than seeing you shine!

………………………………..I am someone who sees your Divinity.

..Wise and Mature, you have woven many threads into your tapestry.
..All this weaving has brought you very close to your longed-for Beauty!                                    Grace my Green Goddess

What looks like disaster is often the Breakdown that immediately precedes Breakthrough.


Are you on the brink of breakthrough?

Let’s chat. 

To schedule a free, 45-minute conversation,
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or email me at: DiLemon@bloominganewyou.com

Peace beyond all telling,

Di Lemon

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